Windows Server 2012 Launch Event Slides Now Available

Many of you were asking about whether the slides would be made available after the Windows Server 2012 UK Launch event and I am pleased to say the slides are now here.  I don’t have a copy of the video from the day yet but this should give you an overview of what was included in the event.

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Comments (8)

  1. SamYeager says:

    I am unable to access the slides using the link. Please check whether the permissions are correct.

  2. LeeSmith says:

    Have the permissions been checked, I also can not access these slides?

  3. Sarah Lamb says:

    Hi Lee,

    The link was updated and checked with MSDN Twitter followers earlier today.  Please can you confirm that you still can't access this file by clicking on the image.  It should go to a share location with a link to the presentation that doesn't time out.



  4. LeeSmith says:

    Hi Sarah,

    This must be my MS account permissions then. After logging in I see a banner in within SkyDrive 'This item may have been deleted, expired or you might not have permission to access it. Contact the owner of this item for more information.' The 'More Info' link doesn't provide much specific insight.



  5. Sarah Lamb says:

    Hi Lee,

    Since it just seems to be you having this issue can you drop me a quick mail to asking for the slide deck I can mail it to you. It's 46MB so is quite a big email to send out. If you have a mail quota that would block this then we'll have to consider other alternatives.



  6. Stewart Rendall says:

    I can't access the slidepack either – same error as Lee Smith, so I'm guessing more people would encounter the same issue.

    I'm using my MSDN credentials/profile to log on to Live ID/Skydrive.

    Regards, Stewart

  7. Sarah Lamb says:

    Hi Stewart,

    Thanks for letting me know that this isn't limited to one person only.  I've raised the issue with Wayne to see if he can tweak the permissions.  He is aware of the problem, do mail me if you can receive a file via email that is 46MB and I'll send it over to you that way whilst we're working this issue out.



  8. Sarah Lamb says:

    Hi Folks,

    I've just posted the slides onto SlideShare and embedded them into the article above, you should now be able to view the slides on the page. Sorry for the problems you were having previously.



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