More IT Camps Dates Released!

If you haven’t yet registered for one of our IT Camps now is the time to take a look at the content and register for one that is of interest to you.  The first set of camps filled up really fast and have been full to the brim with jolly excited people!  The key discussion topic for the camps at the moment is Windows Server 2012 – Virtualising Servers.

Why are they all excited… Well here’s what Reuben Cook had to say after attending the event and a picture he took there:


”A cracking day and an excellent break from the usual auditorium delivery method, or in previous years in a cinema in Hammersmith (for us at least), so a lot less people than a cinema full so registration went fast – if it is coming to a venue near you (see UK Tech Days Upcoming Events) get in quick!”

So what are you waiting for? Register now and get involved!

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