Beat Dan at the Windows Server 2012 Game!

Dan Pilling our manager here on the DPE team has thrown down the gauntlet and has said that he can’t be beaten in the Windows Server 2012 Game! I told him not to be so silly and that this was a rash comment considering how awesome you folks are in the community and how clued up you all are on Windows Server 2012 and for some reason he doubted me! It’s time for us all to prove him wrong!

At the moment Dan has 2650 Points and rising… He’s a Tier 1 on the leader board!


Now it’s your turn to show him what you can do… Show him how pitiful his 2650 points are and let’s see how high up that leader board you can get!


If you do pass Dan then let me know! I’ve said to him that he’ll have to find something nice to give to the first person to beat him and he has agreed! So it’s GAME ON!!!!

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  1. currently 7700! – looking forward to something NICE!

  2. Sarah Lamb says:

    Just tried searching for fuzzyted but I don't see you listed – what's your name on there?

  3. Manoj Jangid says:

    I am having 3150 and continuing……

    search mjangid

  4. says:

    I've got 3500 so far, is there anything for 2nd place? 🙂

  5. Jangid says:

    Sarah did you get my last message ???

    please search mjangid

    I am having more then 5000

  6. Ed baker says:

    Hi Sarah

    Has dan found something nice for me yet?

  7. Sarah Lamb says:

    Hi Ed,

    He's sorting something out for you but I need your postal address to send it… If you can drop that to and mark it as for Sarah then I'll make sure it happens! 🙂

    Well done! I knew the IT Pro's would do me proud!


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