Windows Server 2012 Now Available!

Today marks a huge moment for Microsoft as Windows Server 2012 is made generally available today.   The world of backend computing infrastructure has seen a transformational shift impacting the entire IT ecosystem. This transformation has been driven by the growth of devices used for smarter, more personalized applications, which in turn create an explosion of data and the need for more computing power.  It is a new world of connected devices and continuous services, and it’s all powered by servers.    To lead the transformation and help customers realize the opportunities of cloud computing, we are building what we refer to as the Cloud OS, an operating system that enables those smart, modern apps across a customer’s datacenter, a service provider datacenter, or the public cloud.   As the cornerstone of the Cloud OS, Windows Server 2012 is the core offering for anyone building their own cloud. Windows Azure provides this same Cloud OS platform as a service.  In combination we offer the most comprehensive and flexible backend platform that meets the needs of our customers and partners in their various deployment and application workload scenarios. 

Built from the cloud up, Windows Server 2012 is a monumental release that is part of our company-wide effort to reimagine Windows.  Here are some highlights:

1. It’s been broadly heralded as “game changer” and a major server release from press and pundits alike 

2. Together with Windows Azure, it makes the hybrid cloud a reality for our customers

3. It offers disruptive advancements in networking and storage that will dramatically reduce costs and dramatically improve uptime

In the 1990s, Microsoft saw a need for a democratized server business to make client/server computing available at scale, to customers of all sizes.  Today, our goal is to do the same for cloud computing.  I hope you’ll join our digital launch experience to get more details on both our vision and the details of the technology. 

Also launched today is the MVP YouTube Channel where you will find content created about Windows Server 2012 by our UK MVP’s Damian Flynn, Aidan Flynn Patrick Lonwds and Thomas Lee. 

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  1. Nothing I like better than "disruptive advancements"

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