2012 is the year of flexible working – How much time and money could you save?

Anywhere Working

By working remotely just a few times each week you save money, time and carbon emissions. Find out how much you and your company could be saving right now with this interesting infographic: http://www.anywhereworking.org/FutureWorldofWorking/

If that’s not enough easy to use collaboration comes of age with tools such as instant messaging and video conferencing using services such as Lync.

"…with presence and instant messaging, we were making decisions faster from the beginning." The Wise Group.

Employees get a single, user-friendly interface with easy access to common functions such as dial pad, visual voicemail, contact list and active conversations. Simply, it gives users powerful communications options across PC, phone and web browser. Discover what Microsoft Lync can do for you and your business  as part of our free Office 365 trial

Still not convinced?  Take a look at these interesting and insightful case studies showing how costs have been saved in well known organisations such as COSLA and BAA Heathrow.

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