Case Study: Eurobase Insurance Solutions selects Microsoft SQL Server as the preferred database platform

Eurobase Insurance Solutions, one of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance software providers and a Microsoft Partner with Gold ISV Competency, recommends Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform for its insurance software solutions.

Eurobase has more than 20 years’ experience providing business solutions to the global insurance and reinsurance market, and its latest Synergy product suite covers the end-to-end business process life-cycle for a comprehensive range of classes of business including Reinsurance, Large Commercial and General Insurance. By aligning our product technology strategy closely with Microsoft and its expertise in developing mission critical business software platforms, clients and the wider market are able to benefit from an unrivalled scalability, high performance, robustness and availability both now and in the future.

Speaking about this strategic move, Boris Hurinek, Group Technical Architect for Eurobase International Group, said,

“Further strengthening our partnership with Microsoft and selecting SQL Server as the preferred database platform for our insurance software solutions allows Eurobase to take full advantage of the database platform specific features to provide enhanced security, even higher performance and availability of the systems to our customers. The days of database engines offering similar features are long gone. Until now our technical designs had to be constrained by the features available in all the supported platforms or adapters were required to fill the gaps at the cost of additional development effort and complexity. Being able to fully utilise Microsoft’s robust and well integrated development tools with the database engine from the same supplier significantly accelerates development processes and allows us to focus our technical skills and expertise on the key areas that add further value to our customers”.

As part of the database platform selection process Eurobase carefully considered the following criteria:

  • Customer’s preference – our research and experience show that there is a strong demand for SQL Server based solutions within our target markets.
  • SharePoint workflows, authorisation and control – being the core database platform for SharePoint 2010, integration of our insurance solutions with SharePoint and SQL Server allows our customers to automate business processes, reduce costs, streamline work, boost productivity, enforce standards, easily integrate with other systems and deliver further business benefits.
  • True value for money – Microsoft’s all-in-one policy, offering the database engine, reporting, analysis, integration services and end user design and management tools available at no extra cost provided a huge advantage.
  • Access to experienced technical resources – developers and DBAs with strong experience of SQL Server are more accessible than candidates with knowledge of competing database platforms.
  • Full support and integration with the development tools – being a Microsoft Partner with Gold ISV Competency all the software solutions developed by Eurobase Insurance Solutions are based on the robust .NET Framework platform. It is no surprise that all the development tools provide the highest possible level of integration and compatibility with the database platform from the same supplier.
  • Training programmes and assistance designed to migrate skills and experience of other platforms to SQL Server domain – again provided to Eurobase as part of the Microsoft Partner program.
  • Performance – out-of-the-box SQL Server performance capabilities enable larger workloads than competitors.
  • High availability – with features such as AlwaysOn, Replication and Online Operations, SQL Server now provides all the advanced functionality out-of-the-box at no extra cost.
  • Security – SQL Server continues to achieve the lowest level of security patches across the major DBMS vendors. Fewer vulnerabilities translates to less time spent patching servers and inherently more secure databases.
  • Manageability – independent studies and our experience confirm that SQL Server is easier to manage than databases from other leading vendors and has a significantly lower cost of administration than its main competitors.

Based on demand from their end customers, Eurobase has been able to deliver more functionality using SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 for its new version of Synergy.  This has been achieved at a lower cost of both development and support whilst still meeting the original delivery dates.                                                                                                  

For more information on Eurobase contact: Boris Hurinek (Group Technical Architect)

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