Event: Unlock the business value of your information

Webinar:             Unlock the business value of your information

When:                  Tuesday March 13th 2012, 11:00-12:00

Register:              Online here

Webinar Panellists:

The webinar will address a number of key issues identified by the research conducted by Freeform Dynamics  and explore real-world solutions that may help public sector organisations to make more effective use of their current investment in business intelligence tools:

  • How to manage the growing requirements for information to comply with statutory obligations
  • How to make information more accessible to the public without compromising security
  • How to manage the deluge of information requests both internally and externally (e.g. FoI requests)
  • How to be more agile in adapting business intelligence capabilities to the needs of the business
  • How to unlock the value of information by providing more ‘self-service’ business intelligence tools and capabilities

All participants to the webinar will also receive a FREE copy of the report on ‘Unlocking the business value of information’ prepared by Freeform Dynamics on behalf of Microsoft and The Register.

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