Preserving the English Language

imld-poster2011Today is International Mother Language Day and surprisingly we here at Microsoft in the UK have something to celebrate! Finally we are getting our very own display language for Windows! Yes you read that right… EN-UK is coming to Windows… No more z’s in customise!!! No more funny spellings like color! Finally we can all sigh with relief and have a consistent UI.

Here is a short snippet of a much longer post by Steven Sinofsky & authored by Ian Hamilton

“We are proud to announce the addition of English for the United Kingdom to the list of Windows display languages. We admit that this is something we should have done a long time ago. Windows users in the UK have gotten by with the US English version of Windows, and while we Americans knew this was not their favourite, that is clearly no defence”

We hope that this update makes you smile and brings that sigh of relief.  Look forward to the delights of  Windows in “proper” English. Winking smile

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