What’s your Top Tech of 2011?

Here at TechNet HQ we’re beginning to wind down for the holiday season, and whilst browsing around the interwebs I’ve come across a new article by Rory Cellan-Jones on the BBC Website about the importance that Technology has had to play in major events this year. He touches on some really interesting subjects, including the state of the UK’s broadband and mobile infrastructure as well as Silicon Roundabout in East London and a £15 computer.

This got me wondering about my personal Technology highlight of the past 12 months and almost instantly my mind turned to social media, as it does far too often! In particular, the way that Twitter has taken off this year is of great interest. Its use to add a communication ‘back-channel’ as an interactive dimension to a number of more traditional mediums such as Television and print has provided much interesting reading.

Incidentally, TechNet UK now has a renamed Twitter channel, come and check out what we’re up to @TechNetUK! What is your Top Tech from 2011? Give us a Tweet or let us know in the comments!

On behalf of the whole team past and present, thanks for reading the Blog this year. Here’s hoping you have an enjoyable last few weeks of 2011 and we’ll see you on the other side!

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