Introducing Sarah Lamb–Geeky, Girly, Gadgety

You may have noticed my first post to TechNet on Friday 11th November.  I’m Sarah Lamb, the newest addition to the TechNet team.  I’ll be looking after the UK TechNet site, Flash Newsletter and Editing the blog content.  I managed to find a spare 5 minutes to answer the same 10 questions that I asked Dan last week.  I thought it would give you a fun insight into who I am.


1.  What is your name and where do you come from? (Imagine this being said Cilla Black – Blind Date Style!)
Sarah Lamb from Hertfordshire.
2.  How would you describe yourself using 3 tags?
Geeky, Girly and Gadgety
3.  What is your favourite gadget?
My mobile phone, I would be totally lost without it, it’s my music, calendar and everything else in between!
4.  What would we find if we asked you to empty out your pockets?
2 phones, an iPad, lots of cables, my nerd purse, a moleskin notebook and pen.
5.  If you were on a desert island what 3 items would you take with you?
My iPad, a solar charger and a desalination machine so that I can have drinking water!
6.  What was your first Microsoft product and what is your favourite current product?
My first Microsoft product was Windows 3.11 but before that I was on a Commadore 64 and my favourite current Microsoft technology has to be Kinect as it is an awesome innovation.
7.  What did you want to do when you were little?
I always wanted to be a lawyer – I read too many Nancy Drew and then John Grisham books!
8.  How many pets do you have/ or had and what were their names?
I have 3 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs… their names…. Starting with the cats: Pebbles (black & white patchy), Tiggr (stripy) and Merlin (all black).  The rabbits are called Cadbury and Bunny and the guinea pigs are called Hedgehog and Scrumple.
9.  What are you looking forward to in technology?
I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing applications and tools that come out of the new generation of big data in the cloud. I think that with such large datasets and the ever increasing rate of processing data we will find solutions to all sorts of problems.
10.  What was your most embarrassing tech moment?
My most embarrassing tech moment was at TechEd a few years back now… Roy Osherove was following me on twitter and saw a tweet about it being my birthday that day so decided that he would alter his slides without me knowing this.  My friends managed to get me to go to his session and 3 slides in there was a big sign happy birthday Sarah! And then he got me to stand up and played happy birthday on his guitar and got the 200+ people in the room to sing happy birthday with him to me.  I was by this point extremely red and embarrassed. Lets just say I won’t be tweeting when my birthday is if it’s during a big tech conference next time! I’ll try to keep it quiet!

In order to help get to know our readers better it would be awesome if you too gave your answers to the same 10 questions I’ll do the same and post my answers next week for you. I’ll also be going round the rest of the IT Pro team and getting them to do the same! And remember that you can also follow us on Twitter!

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