Notes from The Cloud Circle

Hi folks I’ve just jumped off stage and as promised here are a load of links about what I’ve just talked about, some of the companies I highlighted and other useful resources.  After the links you’ll find a SkyDrive based copy of the presentation – with notes.


Esri running on Windows Azure

Air Products running HPC with Windows Azure and HPC Server 2008R2 dealing with unpredictable bursting

Exceedra and their supply chain management and prediction running on Windows Azure

Associated Press and their News Reader application, created on Windows Azure

Risk Metrics and the awfully complicated Monte Carlo simulation

Some that I didn’t have time to mention

The Royal Mail have 28,000 people using cloud based collaboration with Microsoft

UK based hoster, Fast Hosts, use Hyper-V cloud

You should also take a look at this whitepaper by my colleague Steve Plank about agility.

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