September’s TechNet magazine is out now

Editor's Note: Get to the Point

Feast your eyes on September’s TechNet magazine, themed Collaboration. Check out this month’s top stories below:

SharePoint Online : Get Started with SharePoint Online
SharePoint brings its collaboration capabilities to the cloud, which should simplify deployment and management.

SharePoint Online: An Overview for Enterprise IT Professionals
SharePoint Online makes all the collaboration, content sharing and communication capabilities of SharePoint available through the cloud.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2: Understand the RD Connection Broker
The RD Connection Broker is the travel agent, traffic cop, concierge and matchmaker when it comes to matching virtual machine requests with users.

Cloud Computing: Testing the Cloud
Among the many factors to consider when contemplating a move to cloud-based services is the ability of your potential provider to test and monitor its services.

Virtualization: Build an IT Lab for Virtual Machines
Do you have a demand for testing hardware to support new projects and updates? A virtual test lab could fit the bill.

Catch up with any editions you’ve missed here.

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