Meet your UK TechNet team

As readers of the TechNet newsletter will know, I’m leaving Microsoft today, so I thought it only right to let you know who you’ll be hearing from now I’ve hung up my pen.

Firstly, there’s Simon May, UK IT Pro Evangelist – Simon waxes lyrical about Client and Cloud technologies. Find out more about him over on his blog and on Twitter.


Next up is Andrew Fryer, our other beloved UK IT Pro Evangelist. Find out more about Andrew here on his TechNet blog, as he talks about Private Cloud technology, Business Intelligence and a sprinkling of other things. He also Tweets here.

Andrew Fryer

You’ll also be hearing from Alex Guy, this year’s team intern. Alex is on loan, so to speak, from Portsmouth University, and he’ll be keeping the team on its toes for the next few months. Catch up with Alex on Twitter.


We’ll be joined by a new team member very soon, but I’ll let him introduce himself when he arrives.

Thanks so much for reading!

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