Simon on strategy: cloud and IT consumerisation – how will your IT department change?

Here in the UK TechNet team Simon May (@simonster) has written a number of posts over the past couple of months that will be really useful to you if you’re tasked with thinking about and setting IT strategy within your organisation. These posts, discussing how your IT department is faced with change as a result of IT consumerisation and cloud technology, are dotted around this blog, so I’ve brought them all together below. Simon’s posts are now tagged, so keep an eye out at Simon on strategy so you don’t miss further topics.

Building your consumerisation of IT strategy (part 1 of 2)

The consumerisation of IT trend is hurtling towards most IT shops and it’s clear from those I talk to that they’re just trying to deal with things as they happen. The MD wants to attach his cool new device but what does that mean for IT – are they expected to support it?

Building your consumerisation of IT strategy (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to part two of this post the first part of Building your consumerisation of IT Strategy can be found here Productivity Consumerisation and productivity go hand in hand, but it might not be top of mind when you first think about consumerisation.

Key trend in the consumerisation of IT: self service

Consumerisation is an amazing trend; the idea that anyone can make choices about the way they work and the tools they use to get their job done. From an IT point of view it can, at first, look like a scary proposition. All those people bringing in different bits of kit and making you look after them.

How the consumerisation of IT affects IT departments

There are a few trends that are affecting IT in some hard hitting, demanding and, for many, (work) life changing ways. Cloud is the first obvious one, but causing more of a pain in the IT department's rear right now is probably consumerisation.

5 Imperatives for modern IT departments

Last week I posted about how the cloud is going to affect IT departments in the future, thinking about how some roles are affected and the like, but this time I’m setting out a mini-manifesto for IT departments.

How the public cloud affects your IT Department

No one can fail to see how much impact the ideas of cloud are having on our organisations and as IT Professionals the most direct impact we feel is on us, on those we work with, on our IT Department. It doesn’t matter whether you’re “IT”, “IS”, “ICT”, “Information Management”, “IM” or whatever…

“I don’t get the private cloud”, “We’re already virtual so we have a cloud”

The title of this article is two made up quotes attributable to no one but that are common reactions I get when I talk to IT Professionals about cloud . Sometimes I think them a strange reaction from technology professionals but really they are both based around a simple misunderstanding…


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