Do you know where to find useful downloads on TechNet?

Looking at last week’s TechNet newsletter report (I like a bit of analysis), I can see that lots of you found Alex’s Indiana Jones-style TechNet website investigations useful, so I thought I’d pop the details on the blog where you can always find them.

Raiders of the lost archive

Alex found a few gems glimmering in the TechNet depths - hopefully they'll prove fruitful in your technical adventures. Explore these links to get your own investigation under way:

  • Downloads - loads of useful downloads all in one place
  • Eval Centre - sign up to evaluate a selection of products
  • Subscriptions - which TechNet Subscription's right for you?
  • Windows Sysinternals - manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications
  • Library - choose the classic view, lightweight or script-free (choose the classic view, lightweight or script-free)

Add to the list if you can and we’ll update this post.

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