Win a Samsung PS42C450 42” plasma TV (Private Cloud)


The Private cloud track of TechDays online has now finished, which means the competition for the 42” inch plasma TV is open!

If you are missing any links or would like to review the presentations in the private cloud stream you can access them all here:

Click here to view the recordings from the full TechDays webcast series on demand.


In each webcast in the desktop stream, the presenter gave out a bitly link in their presentation which points to a specific page. To enter the competition you need to know which page the bitly link sent you to. Once you have collated all five answers of the pages you landed on after following the links, simply enter them into the form below. Click here for the prize terms and conditions.

Microsoft Cloud for IT Pro
What page do you get to?

a) Private cloud solutions
b) Windows Azure platform
c) SharePoint online

Creating your own private cloud
What page do you get to?

a) TCO and ROI calculator
b) Try Windows Azure
c) Microsoft virtual academy

Automisation and the private cloud
What page do you get to?

a) SQL Azure Team blog
b) Insufficient data from Andrew Fryer
c) Sync Framework Team blog

What page do you get to?

a) Springboard series for Desktop virtualisation
b) Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
c) Microsoft user state virtualisation overview

Mixing and moving services between private and public cloud
What page do you get to?

a) Cloud solutions Productivity
b) Cloud Power
c) Tools and resources know your cloud

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