Business Insights webcast: Reduce annual IT costs by up to 36% with Desktop Optimisation (Level 100) webinar, 15 June, 5pm

 Join in on the 15 June and listen to IDC’s Al Gillen and Randy Perry present their MDOP TCO Study (published Feb. 2011). You will see how companies can save up to 36% in annual IT costs by using the MDOP product suite. 

In a recent study, IDC found that a PC that uses all six Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) solutions can realise annual IT productivity savings as high as £154 per year, or a 36 percent reduction in annual costs, compared to a PC that does not use the MDOP suite. End users see a productivity gain as well; the cost savings associated with improved user productivity is an additional £168 per PC per year. Together with savings from the elimination of third-party software, hardware, and additional software licensing costs (£28 per PC per year), these savings can reach a total of up to £350 per PC per year. Join IDC's Al Gillen and Randy Perry to hear the details of this study and learn how to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce overall costs by using the MDOP suite.

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