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You may have read our first edition on cost; well here is the second with a few more case studies to show you how Windows 7 has enabled businesses to save money. We have also pulled out some more great resources that may be useful for you.

Case studies

Orby – “Deploying Windows 7 Enterprise at companies with a distributed IT infrastructure like ours makes the job of the IT department much easier. We’re reducing technical support spending while increasing security.” Mikhail Kudashev, IT Director, Orby. Case study.

Smartodds – “We rolled out Windows 7 to all 50 of our workstations as soon as it was released. We’ve seen a phenomenal performance improvement across all our applications as a result, with no need to replace existing computers, creating hardware savings of 90%.” Daniel Bryk, IT Manager, Smartodds.  Case study.

Dean Close School, cutting-edge learning solutions have potential to save school £25,000.  Case study.

Lodge Park Technology College, will save £6,000 to £10,000 a year with virtualised systems that reduce the need to replace older hardware. Full case study Case study.

Technical resources

Read about the cost saving enabled by Microsoft technology including the Windows 7 feature such as DirectAccess, enabling users to remain connected to the corporate network whenever they are connected to the Internet, and without having to use a VPN. This seamless and ubiquitous access method has resulted both significant end user and business benefits for Microsoft.

Read this white paper to find out how Windows Server 2008 R2 helps optimise IT and save you money.

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