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Ready, get set, GO – if you have questions you can’t fit into 140 characters (and let’s face it, you probably will), pop them in the comments box below instead.

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m (t)wittering about – here’s the lowdown from our original post:

The cloud is one of the most important shifts to happen to the IT industry since the arrival of the internet, and its positive effect on organisations and their IT departments is starting to be felt on a global scale.

Microsoft is keen to understand how the roll-out of cloud technologies is affecting you as an IT professional. Our aim is to provide you with exactly the right kind of help, information, training and guidance to make your cloud journey as smooth as possible.

We would like to help you with any questions you may have on cloud via a live Twitter Q and A session.

The event will be taking place from 12.00 -13.00 on 15 April, when we’ll be locking our very own evangelists, Simon May, Andrew Fryer and Steve Plank in a room to take command of @TechNetUK.

There are three ways to submit a question for Friday’s Q and A:

Tweet us using hashtag #cloudpro

Text cloudpro followed by your question to 80809

Email us beforehand

Burning questions at the ready…


Comments (3)

  1. Simon May says:

    We just got asked a q about how broadband and cloud play together, could it be a limiting factor?

    Well the answer is yes and no.  If you have everyone in your org using a cloud service from a single location with everyone sharing a narrow pipe then you could struggle, you'd need to size your bandwidth accordingly.

    However the flip side is that if people were not all in the same office then you'd get beneift from everyone being distributed and not having to cross that narrow pipt to get back to the services in the office.

    So bandwidth could be both an issue for cloud and resolved by cloud.

  2. Andrew Bettany says:


    I see the benefit of cloud – especially in the developed countries.

    I am however worried about what provision is being considered for 3rd world/emerging markets who do not have the infrastructure – i.e. broadband.  Unless they respond and develop this "basic" need, surely they will be severely disadvantaged.  This could be exacerbated more if MSFT eventually only offers cloud based server products…

  3. Andrew.Fryer says:


    I disagree and have posted about it

    Andrew Fryer (UK TechNet team)

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