Introducing our new community licensing specialist….

One of the things about Twitter that I absolutely love is that it connects you to people that you would never have had the chance to meet. A few weeks ago I out out a blog post about licensing questions, which then got posted onto Twitter...lo and behold a few hours later, someone from one of our Licensing specialist partners Tweeted me back, keen to see how we could help one another out. The result of that being that we will be featuring some of said person's blog posts on this blog.

Welcome to Rich from Bechtle, who has been doing software @ Bechtle for over 7 years now. Pretty much every day he comes across useful bits of info, so he started his blog, Software Ruminations, as a way of making that information available to as many people as he can…and to stop himself from forgetting! If you want to get hold of Rich, you can find him on Twitter @richfrombechtle

A couple of blog posts I wanted to draw your attention to were:

Finally, and not related to Rich, we have put our Microsoft presentation team to work internally, and asked them to deliver a few short sessions on some of the licensing areas we get asked most about:

Virtualisation: Windows Server Licensing

Virtualisation: Applications Server Licensing

Virtualisation: VDI Desktop Licensing
Licensing SQL Server 2008 R2





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