Windows 7 business insights – application compatibility


The fourth in our Business Insights series sheds some light on application compatibility.

Case studies

Betfair – As part of a pilot in April 2009, online gaming company Betfair upgraded 150 computers to Windows 7. By using a carefully selected group of employees from different divisions across the company, Betfair was able to identify application compatibility issues and overcome them by using Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V). Part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, MED-V delivers a virtual instance of Windows XP in which applications not compatible with Windows 7 can run as if they are part of the Windows 7 desktop. This allows incompatible line-of-business applications to operate within their native environment right from the Start menu, delivering a seamless experience for the user. Read full case study here.

Technical Resources

To find out more about applications compatible with Windows 7, the place to go is the Application Compatibility zone on Springboard. The resources include the Windows 7 Application Compatibility List, Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit, and step-by-step video tutorials.

Application compatibility can seem like a hurdle when you look at Windows 7 migration, but you can significantly reduce your workload with upfront planning. A useful resource may be this guide to understanding the application compatibility in your environment.

Saving the best till last is our free tool the Application Compatibility Toolkit, which will help you understand your application compatibility situation by identifying which applications are compatible with Windows 7.

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