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Getting business done with the cloud

Cloud computing is delivering new capabilities to the IT Industry. Elastic computing that expands and contracts as you require enables organisations to deploy new innovative business solutions, often at a lower cost than traditional on-premise hardware solutions.

Microsoft’s cloud offerings build on familiar proven Windows technology and can be deployed both on-premise (“private cloud") or hosted services (“public cloud”). Public cloud solutions allow organizations to reduce capital costs and free up IT staff to concentrate on delivering greater business value. Private cloud solutions enable organizations to drive more efficiency and flexibility out of their existing IT investment. With the cloud, IT becomes the enabler to new business solutions and not the barrier.

Deciding if you can take advantage of cloud solutions requires answers to some basic questions. Finding those answers is not often straightforward, not to mention that no two business situations are exactly the same. The best way to make an informed decision is to compare common cloud implementation scenarios with your requirements.

This great TechNet Cloud hub provides resources and details for these common scenarios.

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