Internet Explorer 9 IEAK has just been released

One of the tools you’ll need when deploying Internet Explorer 9 is the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (aka the IEAK) which has just been released and you can select your language and download the IEAK here.  Why would you want to?  Well it’s your tool for customising an MSI package of Internet Explorer 9 to make sure it installs for you just how you want it.  With this tool you can customise virtually every aspect of IE9 including adding things like specific feeds, specifying homepages , incorporating Tracking Protection Lists and much much more.  Here’s a couple of screengrabs of the process.

custom settingsfavorites and feedsfeature selection

Obviously lots of these settings can also be customised with the extensive Group Policy settings available in IE9 but you’d want to use this tool to customise the initial package that you install as part of your gold image or for enterprise deployment to make sure everything is setup just so.

For more on using IE9 and the IEAK check out the IE9 TechCenter

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