Windows 7 Business Insights – Security & Control

Case Studies

  •  With security being vital in an educational setting, Dean Close School found several benefits from deploying Windows 7. With BitLocker protecting data on personal computers and BitLocker To Go protecting data on removable memory sticks. “We’ve had a couple of break-ins and some machines have been stolen—BitLocker gives us additional peace of mind that data on computers will be secure,” Nyall Monkton, IT Manager, Dean Close School, read full case study here.
  • Atkins - By using the BitLocker™ Drive Encryption feature, the company can help safeguard data on hard drives without having to manage third-party security software.  And instead of purchasing encrypted USB drives, which can cost more than £110 each, Atkins can use BitLocker To Go™ to help protect information on removable devices. Read more in the full case study here.
  • Microsoft and CESG have worked together on a collaborative project to produce a best practice framework for configuring Windows 7 for its use within UK Government, taking account of the increased threat and risk that a government department faces. This guidance is called the Government Assurance Pack (GAP) for Windows 7. “Working with CESG on the security of our products is an on-going engagement that reaffirms our commitment to UK Government as a strategic partner” Dr Nicola Hodson, General Manager, Microsoft Public Sector UK, read more here.


Technical resources

  • You can find information on how to deploy Windows 7 more securely with the Springboard series for security and control zone. This includes technical guidance and videos on BitLocker, AppLocker and user account control as well as how these can work with App-V.
  • You can also delve deeper into AppLocker with this Windows 7 Walkthrough video and learn how it reduces helpdesk costs and make it easier for desktop environments to be in compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations.
  • If you have security on your mind, then read all about Windows 7 Security Enhancements and learn how its security controls can help you better protect users against malware and intrusions, and help you find the desired balance between security, control, and productivity.


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