What burning questions do you have on licensing?

I have joined up with the Microsoft licensing team to deliver 2 videos answering IT Pro questions on licensing. We were planning to give each of the videos a specific topic.

It would be great to hear from you on what topics you would most like to see covered and any specific questions. Ideas we have had:

1) Virtualisation
2) Cloud - Windows Azure, on-premise & cloud hybrid models
3) SQL Server

Comments (5)

  1. Ronnie says:

    sharepoint and crm, online /  offline

  2. gidful@live.co.uk says:

    I have a quesion about VDA. Does it include Windows client OS license or not? If not, what is the best way to purchase the client licenses?

  3. Colin J says:

    Licensing in extranet situations would be a useful subect – for when users are not employees with core CALs, but instead suppliers, customers and the like.

  4. Nolan C says:

    SQL licensing when used as backend for WSUS in a distributed environment. Example:

    1 x parent server

    10 x downstream servers

    SQL server used at the parent server.

  5. RickSlager says:

    The things I see that customers do not know is how server virtualization is licensed and especially with System center products (SMSD and ECI). The other big one is Server based computing. Office products as a device license is not known because customers think out of the concept any place anywhere so they assume Office can be licensed as a “User” license. Licenses like “Work at Home” (WAH) and SA benefits like “Roaming Use Rights” are not known and not taken in to account when architects design IT infrastructures.

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