How to Move to Windows 7 Webinar with Microsoft & The Register – Tuesday 8th March, 11am

If you are knee deep in a Windows 7 roll out, or you're about to be, hopefully this webinar will be able to help you out.


On the 8th of March at 11am, we've got a rack of UK experts talking through the implications of a Windows 7 roll out project. The host is the Register's Tim Phillips who will be joined by, Julie-Ann Muir from Microsoft, Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Rhys Sharp from SCC. Between them, there isn't much they don't know about planning and implementing a successful Windows 7 roll out.


They'll be looking at everything from the project approach - big bang versus baby steps - to the applications considerations to ensure everything keeps working. More than that, they'll also help you build a business case and budget plan, wade through the mire that can be training and user acceptance and, hopefully, give you a good steer on getting this right first time.


Arguably better than that, they're going to give you some real practical advice that will help the whole thing move smoothly. This includes a practical nine point plan, a run through some of the management tools available and some step by step guides based on proper project experience.


Sign up now (it will be recorded so you can always watch the recording if you can’t make the date) or have a read of some more details.

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