PowerShell Weekend PowerCamp event

PowerShell Weekend PowerCamp event

19-20 March, Microsoft Cardinal Place office, London

What is it?

This fast paced weekend event covers all the key aspects of Windows PowerShell - from the command line and writing production-oriented scripts. We start with the basics including installation and configuration, formatting and providers and remoting. We then look at scripting, managing script libraries using modules, using objects, and finishing with the PowerShell features added into Windows. The event will be all lecture, with the opportunity to type along with the tutor.  Delegates bring suitably pre-setup laptops with VMs pre-configured, and then type along as the tutor covers all the key aspects.

Who is the tutor?

The PowerShell Weekend PowerCamp will be delivered by Thomas Lee. Thomas is a veteran PowerShell MVP who has been involved in the PowerShell community since the very beginning. He provides training and consultancy around a range of Microsoft products, with a recent focus on PowerShell and Lync Server. Thomas runs PowerShell training courses around the world, and has been a speaker at conferences across the world for the past decade. In his spare time, he lives with his wife, daughter, and wine cellar in a small cottage in the UK. His Twitter handle is DoctorDNS and he maintains two blogs (Under the Stairs at http://tfl09.blogspot.com and PowerShell Scripts Blog at http://pshscripts.blogspot.com)

What is the Agenda?

Day 1 – The Basics

•       PowerShell Fundamentals – starting with the key elements of PowerShell (Cmdlets, Objects and the Pipeline) plus installation, setup, and profiles

•       Discovery – finding your way and learning how to discover more

•       Formatting – how to format output nicely – both by default and using  hash tables and display XML

•       Remoting – working with remote systems using PowerShell’s remoting capabilities

•       Providers  – getting into OS data stores via PSProviders

Day 2 – Diving Deeper

•       Scripting Concepts – automating everyday tasks including PowerShell’s language constructs, error handling and debugging (both from the command line and using an IDE)

•       Modules – managing PowerShell  script libraries in the enterprise

•       .NET/WMI/COM Objects – working with native objects

•       PowerShell and Windows Client/Server – how you can use built in PowerShell cmdlets

•       PowerShell in Key Microsoft Servers - a look at PowerShell today in SQL, SCVMM plus a look forward to the future with SharePoint 2010

What will it cost?

The cost is £200 (+VAT at the prevailing rate) for the weekend. Meals and accommodation are not covered.

Where is the event going to take place?

The PowerShell PowerCamp will be held at Microsoft Cardinal Place in Victoria on the weekend of March 19-20, 2010.

How do I book?

Contact Thomas direct at DoctorDNS@Gmail.com and he will arrange for the invoice to be paid.

More Details

Watch Thomas’s blog http://tfl09.blogspot.com/ for any hot breaking news on the event.

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