Windows 7 business insights: deployment

As well as cost, another major issue for IT decision makers is deployment. Upgrading your whole company to a new operating system can look like a major task, especially if your last deployment experience was 5-10 years ago. It still requires careful planning but some things have changed significantly. There are several deployment strategies, including this technical guide, and vastly improved and simplified deployment technology.  Understanding the skill level of your organisation’s IT staff, your organisation’s licensing agreement, the number of client computers and your infrastructure are key to making the right choice.  Companies including BT Engage, Logica and Baker Tilly have found the deployment of Windows 7  has saved time and cut costs.

BT Engage: “IT build time for each new machine with Windows 7 has been reduced from up to eight hours, to just over an hour - of that, only 4 minutes requires physical attention by a technician.”- Mark Walker, IT Director. Case study.

Logica: “Logica is an IT services provider with locations in 36 countries. Logica upgraded 1,000 computers by May 2009 and will continue the rollout companywide to 40,000 computers. Logica is already benefiting from streamlined information access, improved employee productivity, and reduced costs.” - Erik Orrkvist - Service Delivery Manager. Case study.

Baker Tilly  saw  significant benefits revealed in a pilot project which prompted them to deploy Windows 7 to the entire company as quickly as possible. “Deploying Windows 7 gives us the opportunity to make our IT operations more efficient and drive potential additional revenue. It is what we need to meet our business goals.” Simon Harding-Rolls, IT Director. Case study.

If you need to understand how to migrate to Windows 7, you can find a  wealth of supporting information here.

For your IT guys carrying out the deployment there are significant resources available on the Springboard Windows 7 TechCenter, as deployment can be made much easier with the right tools, resources, and technical guidance. Watch these videos and learn how to pilot Windows 7 in your organisation.

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