My TechNet Top Five by Georgina Lewis (age 5)

 Ok so I am not 5, but too ashamed to admit the real number!  It's wednesday so it must be my turn for this game....this was a pretty easy thing to do for me having worked in the team for over 3 years

       1)      TechNet Magazine – I used to work on this in the UK when it was still an actual magazine, but still think it has some great articles in i
       2)      The TechNet team – I still think it is so cool that we have a team dedicated to the IT audience and helping them out
       3)      TechNet Virtual Labs – quickly evaluate and test Microsoft's newest products and technologies through a series of guided, hands-on labs that you can   
complete in 90 minutes or less. There is no complex setup or installation required, and you can use TechNet Virtual Labs online immediately, free
4)      Microsoft IT Showcase: How Microsoft does IT – it’s good to be nosy and see what we do ourselves!
5)      Troubleshooting and Support – knowledge base (KB) articles are treasures, shame they are often hidden although we are doing a lot to make that better 😉
       6)      Sneaky #6 – our audience….without them we wouldn’t have a job!!



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