Thinking about your career? Take a look at these offers on Microsoft certifications

There’s nothing like a new year to start you thinking about team or personal development and career moves. The kindly chaps over in Microsoft Learning just told me about these new certification offers:

Buy a Microsoft certification pack with second shots and save up to 20% Microsoft certification packs with free second shots can help you get your certification, validate your knowledge, launch your career, or move your next position. Purchase packs of one to five exams with free re-takes on every exam purchased and save up to 20%. Our new packs are extended to 31 Dec, 2011.

Get trained. Get certified. Get access to more than 70 software titles Get the skills and validation you need to make a big difference on your CV and in your career. Whether you’re buying a class with your own money or need to give your employer a good incentive to invest in your training now, the career package with TechNet subscription can help you.


Comments (1)

  1. Rich says:

    Got one of the 5 packs the other week…great value and very useful to have them in surplus. Pretty sure we'll be buying somem ore of these soon!

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