Could your comedy caption win a bundle of TechNet goodies?

Valentine’s Day photo caption competition – fill our comments box with your hilarious efforts.


We just couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without spreading a little love on the UK TechNet blog. To show our affection we’ve got a bundle of TechNet goodies to give away in return for the winning caption for this ‘adorable’ photo. Post your caption in the comments box along with your email address or Twitter ID. We’ll announce the winner’s name here next week.

Need some help to get ‘in the mood’? Just have a look at what’s in store for our lucky winner (that’s Sam under the bag – you’re not having her). Among other delights you’ll find a heartwarming copy of Office Professional 2010, a gorgeous Windows 7 mug and some beautiful techy books. Put simply, it’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ll ever have.


Before you clear your diary to make way for some serious comedy genius, have a read through the terms and conditions.

Good luck!


Terms & Conditions:

1. ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to UK residents who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.  Employees of Microsoft or its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotion agencies are not eligible, nor are members of these employees’ families (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse and life partners).

2. TO ENTER: To enter post your photo caption for the featured photo in the UK TechNet Blog comments box. The person submitting the funniest caption, as selected by three judges, will win a bumper pack of things we love here at TechNet – including our mugs, pen and pads. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Incomplete, damaged, defaced or illegible entries may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of Microsoft.  Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Microsoft reserves the right to disqualify anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

3. TIMING: This competition runs from 8am GMT 14 February The closing date of this competition is 5.30pm GMT 18 February 2011.  Completed entries must reach Microsoft no later than the closing date.

4. USE OF DATA: Personal data which you provide when you enter this competition will not be used for future Microsoft UK marketing activity.

5. SELECTION OF WINNER: Three judges will select their favourite single caption from all the entries and the winner will be notified by email on 21 February 2011 by 6pm GMT. The winners may be required to become involved in further publicity or advertising.

6. PRIZE: The prize is one TechNet bumper pack including a mug, pen and pad. Prize as stated and non-transferable.  No cash or other alternatives available. Microsoft reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value.  The prize will be dispatched within two months of the competition’s closing date. Prize may be considered a taxable benefit and the winner will be directly responsible for accounting for any tax liability arising on their prize.

7. WINNERS LIST: The winner consents to their surname being made publicly available. The winner’s surname will be available for a period of 3 weeks after the closing date by emailing

8. OTHER: No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this competition or these Terms and Conditions. In the unlikely event of a dispute, Microsoft’s decision shall be final.  Microsoft reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this competition at any time without notice.

9. Microsoft cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and shall not be liable for any act or default by a third party. Participants in this promotion agree that Microsoft will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, costs, damage or disappointment of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from acceptance, misuse or use of a prize, or from participation in this promotion.  Nothing in this clause shall limit Microsoft’s liability in respect of death or personal injury arising out of its own negligence or arising out of fraud.

Comments (61)

  1. JWUK says:


    Cabinet:- "I'm afraid that it's going to take an awful lot more than that poxy Token Ring"

  2. thom says:

    It might not have been the blind date he had imagined but at least she had a great rack 😉


  3. Rich Gibbons says:


    I, Geek take you, Server Rack for my lawful wife to boot and to use, from this day forward. I promise to be true to you in uptime and downtime, in virus attacks and in health. I will love you and defrag you all the days of my life, until a massive hard drive failure do us part.

  4. says:

    In desperation he visited a dating website…

  5. Kam Salisbury says:

    I spend so much time with you lets just get married!


  6. Ben says:


    Lame i know but still:

    failed disk lights are red

    BSODs are blue

    backups are priceless

    and so are you!

  7. Anthony says:

    I did warn you that the rhythm method was a bit risky. I guess I'll have to do the decent thing now…..

  8. Paul Iddon says:

    Will you marry me…I azure you, you and me will be on cloud 9 xx 🙂


  9. says:

    Suddenly John wondered if he'd really understood yesterdays server proposal meeting

  10. David Hippey says:

    With the voice of Carol from Little Britain……

                      ………….Computer says 'no'

  11. says:

    Even if she said no,.. at least he had a backup!

  12. Chris Latham says:

    Fred was trying his best, but he knew she had little fault tolerance, and there was only a kernel of her memory that would let him be her (RAID) controller in their crazy multitenant platform world. If only he could convince her how Hyper (V) he was for her raging hot chipset…

  13. Ian Walker says:

    Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

  14. Ian Walker says:

    Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.


  15. ian_pick says:

    Should have gone to specsavers

  16. sir says:

    With this kernel , I thee wed.

  17. says:

    Iyou have given me warmth,  you have served me well, we've had numerous windows of opportunity , we are stronger and robust, with this I look forward to our next generation jointly.

  18. Mark Reid says:

    Is that the size of your hard drive?

  19. Andy Turner says:

    After many months together Dave the network engineer finally proposed to Del…

    "Upgrade to hex core"

    Secretly he was now hoping she would now perform for him, as there was nothing wrong with his pipe.

  20. Pad says:

    Do I Hear Wedding Dells?

  21. says:

    I promise to love, honor and obey until blue screen of death do us part.

  22. acmcomputers at hotmail dot com says:

    Microsoft proposes new server engagement opportunities

  23. Andrew Mancey says:

    Microsoft proposes new server engagement opportunities


  24. Danny Locksmith says:

    Dave; "Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do,"

    Cabinet: "I'm sorry Dave. I can't do that"

  25. Nick D says:

    You say that now, but I know you'll dump me for a younger faster model…


    Now how do I take you to meet my parents?

  27. Phoenix, says:

    You Didn't Think I'd Just Insert My 3.5" And Leave, Did You…?

  28. Andy Parry says:


    I'm sorry Dave it, doesn't work like that… you can't just switch this relationship on and off when you like!

  29. says:

    Core!! (Duo?) I wasn't expecting that!!

  30. Neil Stirling says:

    "need administrator permission to continue"

    "are you sure?"

    yes                     no

  31. gareth.douce says:

    Servers: "I'm sorry, Dave. Your offering isn't good enough."



  32. Matt says:

    Rack: Tom get backup off your knee and press my buttons

    Tom: All I want to do is server you.  Accept this tape as a token ring of my affection

    Rack: ………….OK but don't ever DOS me to the side!

  33. says:

    You had me at "111010001010001001000100010010100100"!

  34. Scott says:

    You are my 'SAN', moon and stars, marry me.

  35. Scott says:

    I can’t just turn my heart off and back on again!!!

  36. AJS says:

    "My wife doesn't understand me."

  37. Stephen Mabbutt says:

    I know it's not technically true but….

    Your live wire is red, neutral is blue, Ive got this extra processor, to Hyper-Vise you!!

  38. Neville Chilton says:

    The IT apprentice could not hide his short sightedness anymore when he declared his love for the Dell servers.  Every one else preffered the sexier HP blades in the rack next door

  39. Neil says:

    Administrator: 'I offer this token and betroth thee all my love……will you marry me?'

    Cabinet: 'How can I marry you looking all bloated….what will the dress look like on me?. Maybe when I have slimmed down, then our love could truly be in the Cloud(s).

  40. Phil Dalton says:

    My dear server, this is 4U ….

  41. Jamie Darlington says:

    "John's vision of a cross between pokemon and robot wars hadn't quite gone to plan" @darkrain82

  42. Anthony Sutcliffe says:

    Despite the obvious clues, Ronny still failed the Turing test

  43. says:

    Kevin was quite old fashioned. he didn't believe in cybersex before marrage!

  44. Stuart Milne says:

    "no you don't look fat in that rack"

    Marry me and i will get you a Opal Compaq Wedding Rack!"

  45. Andy Parry says:


    Don't get me wrong, this is not a Token Ring…

    I will be there when ever you need me…

    At your beckon call, day and night, winter or summer…

    Just say the word!

  46. Some of these are bordering on naughty!

  47. Andy Parkes says:

    Would you mind taking this back to Mordor?



  48. Michael Fegan says:

    Steve, though nervous, felt that this big step in his online relationship was less terrifying than he'd imagined.


  49. Andy Parkes says:

    urgh typo

    my twitter is @AndyParkes !!


  50. Ceallaigh Dee says:



  51. Sacha Alter says:

    K.I.T.T realised last nights heavy session had gone too far when he awoke the next morning in a Dell Server with Michael Knight slurring his proposal to him.

  52. Ciaran says:

    Some day, I'll have you in the palm of my hand…..

    computersurgery[at] btinternet dot com

  53. MJ says:

    ohh your so hot and noisy but i like you

  54. Peter Jeal says:

    If you wanted it you should have made a back up of it

  55. Alan Williamson says:

    In a last ditch attempt to keep his local hardware from discovering his flirting with the cloud, Tom played the ultimate diversionary tactic!

  56. says:

    In a last ditch attempt to convince her his flirtation with The Cloud wasn't serious Tom used the ultimate diversionary tactic!

  57. David Missen says:

    But soft what data on yonder Windows breaks,

    It is the least, and backup is such fun!

  58. Stephen Hall says:

    In 18 Months I can upgrade you


  59. Jamie Brooks says:

    you can turn a machine off when you want

  60. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

  61. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet UK Blog is 5 years old today and boy it’s been a good 5 years getting to know you all

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