Creating a Private Cloud – Part one: Setup

In part one of two blog posts, Alan Le Marquand outlines what you’ll need to set up a private cloud. in your organisation. Here’s a taster – just click through to Alan’s blog to read the full article. I’ll be posting the second part of the series tomorrow, so look out for it around lunchtime.

For a Private Cloud or Customer Cloud, whichever name you prefer, to have an effective IT as a Service offering requires some key elements to be in-place.

  • First you need a management tool that allows you to monitor the servers providing the virtualization services. The tool should also allow you to easily move services around the machines, and ideally provide you with guidance on what actions to take should resource become over utilised.
  • Secondly, you need a tool that allows for the Business units in your organization to be self-sufficient in requesting and managing their services, while at the same time provide you with a method to calculate charge-back costs.

Read the rest here.

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