Win a #windowsphone7 today on the UK TechNet blog

Live on the UK TechNet blog – win a Windows Phone 7!

Just because we love you, we’ve got our hands on a Windows Phone 7 device to give away in return for a hilarious caption for the photo below. Unconfirmed reports suggest that those are/were Andrew Fryer’s legs, but what’s become of the rest of him, I’m not sure. All I know is I’m glad I’m working from the London office today…


Good luck! If you win we’ll let you know on Tuesday next week. Follow us on Twitter @technetuk and don’t forget to post your Twitter ID with your caption in the comments box below so I can contact you. It might be a little while before your caption appears because I am the manual process involved in checking they’re clean before they go live. Behave yourselves!


Windows Phone 7 Caption Competition Terms and Conditions

1. ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to UK residents who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.  Employees of Microsoft or its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotion agencies are not eligible, nor are members of these employees’ families (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse and life partners).

2. TO ENTER: To enter post your photo caption for the featured photo in the UK TechNet Blog comments box. The person submitting the funniest caption, as selected by three judges, will win a Windows Phone 7 device. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Incomplete, damaged, defaced or illegible entries may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of Microsoft.  Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Microsoft reserves the right to disqualify anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

3. TIMING: This competition runs from 6am GMT 19 November The closing date of this competition is 10pm GMT 22 November 2010.  Completed entries must reach Microsoft no later than the closing date.

4. USE OF DATA: Personal data which you provide when you enter this competition will not be used for future Microsoft UK marketing activity.

5. SELECTION OF WINNER: Three judges will select their favourite single caption from all the entries and the winner will be notified by email on 23 November 2010 by 6pm GMT. The winners may be required to become involved in further publicity or advertising.

6. PRIZE: The prize is one Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 device with an estimated retail price of £400.00. Prize as stated and non-transferable.  No cash or other alternatives available. Microsoft reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value.  The prize will be dispatched within two months of the competition’s closing date. Prize may be considered a taxable benefit and the winner will be directly responsible for accounting for any tax liability arising on their prize.

7. WINNERS LIST: The winner consents to their surname being made publicly available. The winner’s surname will be available for a period of 3 weeks after the closing date by emailing

8. OTHER: No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this competition or these Terms and Conditions. In the unlikely event of a dispute, Microsoft’s decision shall be final.  Microsoft reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this competition at any time without notice.

9. Microsoft cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and shall not be liable for any act or default by a third party. Participants in this promotion agree that Microsoft will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, costs, damage or disappointment of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from acceptance, misuse or use of a prize, or from participation in this promotion.  Nothing in this clause shall limit Microsoft’s liability in respect of death or personal injury arising out of its own negligence or arising out of fraud.

Comments (33)

  1. Douglas Cameron (@nyami) says:

    The recent server crash nearly resulted in a fatality, thankfully Dr Watson was at hand to administer CPR.

  2. @technogranma says:

    I see someone's legless again!

  3. A Abrams (ac_abrams) says:

    The scene of the recent fatal server crash, witnesses report that although first on the scene Dr Watson was unable to offer any help.

  4. markparris says:

    Nobody had the heart to tell Andrew that his creation looked nothing like R2D2.

  5. P Harker says:

    Andrew gets under the hood of mobile computing. From @IT_Manager

  6. Paul Iddon says:

    Joshua's revenge killing spree had taken another victim. Andrew should have let him win Tic Tac Toe.

  7. B Varga says:

    Andrew Finally gave up with his 17 year project to develop a mobile device to watch films, play music, stream media, interact with friends, use MS Office on the go, SMS, MMS, take pictures, make videos, download applications directly to the device and make/take phone calls.  Rumour has it, just before this shot was taken Rachel was showing Andrew the new Windows Mobile 7 Phone!

  8. Manos Korakakis says:

    Andrew: "Now … where did that bolt come from!?"

  9. @ian0x0r says:

    All your Face are belong to us!

  10. @nicbedford says:

    Is it a windowsphone7 or is it a mandroid?

  11. Alixx Skevington says:

    Ha Ha that will teach you for ignoring my request for a new Windows 7 phone,  today robot servers tomorrow the world.

  12. @lindemann says:

    So that's where it got to! I swear, it's got legs of its own


  13. Mark says:

    Dam a CD recycle bin. The office must get through alot of CD's


  14. @Skevmeister says:

    Andrews attempt to create a server based robot to steal a new Windows 7 phone, lays the foundation for Silverlight.NET, just like Skynet but prettier.

  15. Gogster says:

    Sadly, on powering up, Andrews' creation immediately broke the 1st law…

  16. Gogster says:

    Sadly, on powering up, Andrews' creation immediately broke the 1st law…


  17. Andrew Bettany says:

    I know Windows 7 Phone is a killer phone, but this is ridiculous!


  18. rtypes says:

    It's not wise to upset a PC!

  19. __nb__ says:

    Andrew admits that the beta version of the Windows Phone 7 hardware was a bit too bulky to put in your shirt pocket. @__nb__

  20. Andrew collapsed after taking his portable computer to work.

  21. scuttman says:

    That'll teach him for playing with my circuits!

  22. slybeard says:

    The new fashion algorithom new that brown shoes and blue trousers were a fatal mistake

  23. Andy Marston (@vulcanbay) says:

    The new server had been designed to assimilate everything. Unfortunately, Andrew Fryer had stepped in something on the way to the office.

  24. Neil Warwick says:

    Now that's what I call Sleep Mode!


  25. Paul Stanyer says:

    The server otherwise known as frankenstein, had developed a fault with the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Limbs.

  26. Gary Hughes says:



  27. Ian (@technorandy) says:

    Microsofts Burlesque-Bot Beta still needs a little polish!

  28. Jackie Openshaw says:

    On that fateful day in November 2010, Windows Azure became self-aware.


  29. James @liveindetail says:

    Tired, after his 30 second 'trolley dash' around the office, Andrew decided to park his app on the tiles.

  30. "Hang on a minute. The wheel has come off!"

  31. Chris Haswell says:

    After some deliberation he could still not decide, the red cable or the blue one.

  32. Rajen Shah says:

    Early versions of the mobile phone involved wheels, oiling and greasing, and occasional road-kill.

  33. Harley33 says:


    Andrew was bowled over literally by the first "Windows phone 7" prototype which included everyone's features requests!

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