Windows 7 settings pack for Security Compliance Manager

I’ve just stolen this post shamelessly from Simon May’s excellent blog (thanks, Simon – if you spot this I’ll buy you a cup of tea) 🙂

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If you’re looking to make sure that your enterprise desktops are secure and all to the same level then you’ll want to check out the recently updated Security Compliance Manager tool and with Windows 7 in your environment you’ll be wanting the Windows 7 settings pack.  Full details of the pack are available in the TechNet library.  Why is this tool useful?  Well the solution accelerator team have the best answer:

Since the release of the Security Compliance Manager tool, one of the most frequent requests has been to add all of the available Group Policy settings to the Microsoft-recommended baselines so that they can be accessed through the tool. While our baselines include hundreds of settings, there are hundreds of additional settings available in Group Policy. In response to this request, the team has created setting packs. The setting packs include the basic information required by the Security Compliance Manager tool to define custom baselines that you can use to create GPO backups, DCM configuration packs, and SCAP content. This is a temporary solution to address this request. A future version of the tool will provide the capability to add the settings customers need to their baseline without using a setting pack.

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