Win a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010

How well do you know your TechNet blog?

Answer these questions and send your answers to me in an email by 23rd September and we’ll pick one of you at random to receive a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010

All the answers can be found in various September blog posts, so read the terms and conditions, don your deerstalker and get hunting…

1. Who was the future IT professional recently interviewed by Andrew Fryer?

2. According to the blog post’s photo, what’s the perfect breakfast to accompany a cup of Windows 7 tea?

3. In which section of the TechNet website might you need to whisper?

4. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 was formerly known as what?

5. Where on TechNet can you find ‘Pilot and Deploy’ information for Windows 7?

6. In Wednesday’s Internet Explorer 9 beta post, how many one minute tours of IE9’s new features has Simon May made?

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