The future for IT Professionals – a guest post by Andrew Fryer

I have to confess I never intended to be an IT professional or indeed to work in IT at all and although I love my career, it wasn’t planned in anyway.  I had an inside track in that my dad was in at the ground (possibly 1st) floor of computing in the the UK when he started in 1963, however he never really articulated what he did and it was impossible to find out too much about he did as there was no internet or even books on the subject. Eventually the DNA kicked in and here I am. 

I have many friends with similar diverse routes into their roles from naval architects to historians, and the more traditional mathematicians and engineers, but I have yet to meet too many IT Professionals who planned to their careers in this field. I think it is still hard to find out about what the world of the IT Professional is all about; it isn’t taught in schools, and the internet tends to be a flood of quite shallow and conflicting information.

You could argue that there is no future for the IT Professional anyway, as with the cloud they will go the way of the farrier, thatcher and weaver, so does this lack of educational and resources to encourage the next generation matter anyway.  Microsoft would argue that the role is important as it’s ever been if only to manage the seamless integration of on premise and off premise resources in a secure and controlled way. 

To this end the TechNet team have put a lot of effort into pulling together a whole collection of career guidance and IT Skills resources as part of the TechNet On initiative.  The value of these resources is best explained by one of the new interns that have joined us recently Jonathan Lickiss.  He elected to go for the most interesting internship role we have, working in the Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) we have on campus.  I got him on camera to discuss his decision to be an IT Professional and how he intends to fulfill that role and I posted that to TechNet Edge.


Finally if you have something you would like to share on this then the National Skills Academy are holding a workshop on 14th September to discuss curriculum and career paths for the IT Professional and they want to hear from you. It’s at e-skills UK, 1 Castle Lane, London SW1E 6DR

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To take part , please contact Humeera Khan on 07584 235 020 or

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