Infrastructure planning and design guide series: updated and ready for download

Newly updated, the Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) series provides guidance for Microsoft infrastructure products. The series is made up of a collection of documents that takes you through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for Microsoft products. It also provides a means to validate design decisions within your business to ensure that the solution meets the requirements for both business and infrastructure stakeholders.

The IPD documents are designed to be used by the following IT personnel:

  • Infrastructure planners and architects who have a firm operational grasp of the technology.
  • Partners and consultants who design infrastructure solutions.
  • Business managers who want to understand how the technology decisions being made both support and affect the business.

Find out more or use the links below to get stuck in straight away.

Launch the download of the complete Infrastructure Planning and Design series

View the entire list of Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides available for download

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