Join us this week for a summer of data & AI in Azure!

Attend the Microsoft Data and AI Summer Meetup to hear about new services and feature announcements. Plus, get a deep dive from Microsoft customers including Heathrow Airport, and partners including ElastaCloud and Databricks.


How to build Scala JARS with Maven from GitHub

Theo van Kraay provides a ‘how to’ on generating JAR files for GitHub Scala projects, which may be useful in scenarios where a user needs to take a fix to a project whose dependencies are coordinated in Maven, but where a recent fix might only be available in GitHub.


Bing Maps – Distance Matrix API

Jamie Maguire introduces the Bing Distance Matrix API, looking at example code and seeing how it can be applied to real-world applications.


Developing a Cloud Capability Model

Cloud Adoption can be a daunting process, requiring both high-level strategic thinking and detailed, execution level understanding. How do we develop a cloud strategy that is meaningful to non-technical stake holders, and useful to those tasked with its implementation? Stephen Armory takes a look.