UK SBSC Partner Area Leads announcement

Our Partner Area Leads (PALs) provide an invaluable support for UK Small Business Specialists, by running local activities to benefit the Community at large, and representing your feedback at a worldwide level. It is with regret that I have to announce that Andy Trish of NCI Technologies is stepping down from his role as an UK SBSC PAL following an 12-month tenure. His dedication to the role, as symbolised by activities such as Business School and the SBSC Champions, was fantastic. Thank you Andy for everything that you did for us over the last 12 months – it is hugely appreciated.

But I also have the pleasure to announce that we will have not two, but three PALs, for the UK SBSC for the next 12 months. Our PALs will be: Richard Tubb, Steve Wright and Guy Gregory.

Over the coming weeks, we will be formulating our plans so that we can best support the UK SBSC. If you have suggestions or ideas about what we can do to best support you, please contact either Microsoft’s Dell Quinn or one of our new PALs.

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