Generate Sales Leads with Pinpoint

You may have heard about Pinpoint's arrival and wondered how you could make sure you get the most out of our new site. Here's how…

Pinpoint is a new lead generation tool that customers can use to find the solutions you offer. Take a moment to preview Pinpoint. Pinpoint replaces Solution Finder/Partner Marketplace  and offers an easy-to-use interface, customer ratings, reviews and partner spotlight features.

How can you ensure you maximise the site's effectiveness? We will automatically transfer all compatible solutions to Pinpoint, so first see if you already have a solution in Solution Finder. If you already do, then you can review your solution(s) against the Pinpoint Content Guidelines. If you need to add a solution or to edit an existing solution, you can do so using Solution Profiler. You can also get more information from the Pinpoint page on the Partner Programme site. Please keep in mind that existing solutions will be validated and may be a few weeks before initially appearing on Pinpoint.

Please also be aware that it is likely some solutions will not be validated because they do not adhere to the Pinpoint Content Guidelines. Those whose solutions are not validated will be notified at the end of the validation process (during August), so they have the opportunity to edit their solutions and have them validated right away. In the meantime, any partners can check the Content Guidelines to be sure their solutions are Pinpoint-ready. If there are some specific partners that are interested in the process, we are happy to work with you. You should ensure, though, that they have at least one solution created and that it is Pinpoint-ready.

Lastly, we would also like to acknowledge that there is a known bug where a small percentage of companies are not showing up on the map; this is an issue that is currently being worked on. If you have a specific example, we can check if that partner has a solution and if it has been validated yet.

If you would like more help with this process, please call or e-mail Ask Partner (tel: 0870 60 70 700; email:

The sooner you profile (or edit) your solutions, the sooner customers can find you on Pinpoint!

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