Join the "Live Series: Windows Server 2008 Foundation Live Meeting"

Join the Live Series: Windows Server 2008 Foundation Live Meeting!

In this presentation, we will explore Windows Server 2008 Foundation, a new edition of Windows Server that is designed to meet the needs of your entry-level, budget-conscious customers. We will start with an overview of the Windows Server 2008 Foundation and then discuss its recommended uses, benefits, licensing, and upgrade path.

At the end of this presentation you will be able to:

  • Be familiar with the Low End Server Market
  • Understand Windows Server 2008 Foundation
  • Be able to sell Windows Server 2008 Foundation in this New Market

There will also be opportunity to ask questions directly to the Corporate Product Management team.


What is The Live Series Programme?

The Live Series Programme is a programme of Live Meetings delivered to Microsoft partners with the aim of quickly and effectively delivering top line information and key value propositions highlighting the opportunities to sell Microsoft technologies to small and medium sized customers.

As a result of attending the Live Series, Microsoft partners will have a clearer understanding of the topics delivered, have opportunity to engage directly with the presenter for up to one week post the Live Meeting, and in some cases be in a position to utilise the parallel customer version of the Live Series to educate and entice their own customers, and /or to take leads from customers (who are not already engaged with a Microsoft partner) interested in the topics delivered.


If you have any further comments you would like to share about this LiveSeries Live Meeting please email:

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