See the Virtualisation Opportunity with Microsoft

Virtualisation is set to revolutionise your customers' IT. By delivering dynamic resources that hold unlimited capacity and are available to users anywhere at anytime, you can dramatically improve clients' IT infrastructures. Crucially, this also offers a significant opportunity to improve your business, with both new sales and ongoing consultancy and support.

Listening to partners on the SBSC user group tour, it seems apparent that everyone is familiar with Microsoft's virtualisation offering. I therefore wanted to take the opportunity to direct you to our virtualisation content on the Microsoft partner portal. At Microsoft, virtualisation is a means to ensure people and computers get the resources they need, the moment they need them. Our virtualisation offering includes new Microsoft Hyper-V technology in: server, desktop, application and presentation solutions, complemented by a suite of essential management tools.


What's more, the partner portal offers you the sales and training resources you need to start selling Microsoft Virtualisation Solutions. New sales and training resources include overview videos, sales and deployment information and a new Learning Path providing step-by-step training. Go here to access it or visit:

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