Small Business Server 2008 and Virtualization

Earlier this week the Windows Essential Server Solutions team in Redmond released the official Small Business Server 2008 virtualization scenarios - one of the key pieces in the lead-up to the November 12th worldwide launch.The team ran a special session for partners covering the intended support details for running Windows Small Business Server 2008 in a virtual environment. You can view the webcast by going here.  (Note: You’ll need to be a registered partner to view the content.

They also shared some of the details of the scenarios, and some of the common benefits of running these configurations. In summary for Small Business Server 2008, there are three options, all of which are covered in detail here on The Official SBS Blog.

Scenario 1 - Virtualizing the SBS Standard Server:

Scenario Two - Virtualizing the SBS Standard and Premium Servers


Scenario Three - Keeping SBS Standard Physical and using Premium as a Virtualization parent

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    I just posted about the Windows Essential Server team in Redmond running a special session for partners

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