Upgrade Readiness Client Configuration

Hello, again! I am back and this time, we will look at how to start data collection for the Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness solution. This part assumes that you have a working Operations Management Suite (OMS)¬†subscription and the Upgrade Readiness solution has been configured as highlighted in my previous post. For client configuration, there are…

Getting Started with Upgrade Readiness

Hello again. In my last post, I briefly touched upon the challenges application compatibility can present when planning a migration to a new version of Windows. We looked at how Upgrade Readiness provides the tools and insights to make moving to Windows 10 simpler and faster. Today, we’ll look at some details on how to…


Introduction to Upgrade Readiness and Application Compatibility with Windows 10

Hello! My name is Nandan, I am a Premier Field Engineer in the Windows Platforms team with Microsoft UK. With this article, I would like to give you a quick introduction to Upgrade Readiness before we start talking about how to set up Upgrade Readiness and how to use the data that the solution collects….