What are those pesky files in my root folder?

Have you noticed that after you install an OCS server, there are some additional files dropped in the root folder (C:\)? These are the temporary files of the VC++ 2008 Redistributable package, which extracts them to the root of the drive where the installation was run from.

This is the complete list of those pesky files:

11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.1028.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.1031.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            10,134 eula.1033.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.1036.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.1040.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM               118 eula.1041.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.1042.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.2052.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM            17,734 eula.3082.txt
11/07/2007  08:00 AM             1,110 globdata.ini
11/07/2007  08:44 AM           855,040 install.exe
11/07/2007  08:00 AM               843 install.ini
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            75,280 install.res.1028.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            95,248 install.res.1031.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            90,128 install.res.1033.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            96,272 install.res.1036.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            94,224 install.res.1040.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            80,400 install.res.1041.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            78,864 install.res.1042.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            74,768 install.res.2052.dll
11/07/2007  08:44 AM            95,248 install.res.3082.dll
11/07/2007  08:00 AM             5,686 vcredist.bmp
11/07/2007  08:50 AM         1,927,956 VC_RED.cab
11/07/2007  08:53 AM           242,176 VC_RED.MSI

The good news is that you can safely delete those files if they are really bothering you. But be careful! Be sure you don’t delete any other file necessary to the smooth operation of the server.

Comments (9)

  1. Roger says:


  2. Thanks a ton, I had no idea what they were and was afraid to delete them. So glad I found this page! I'm dejunkifying my entire computer and deleting these files made calmed the OCDness in me.

  3. Anand Deepen says:

    Why does Microsoft put their *** on my computer without notice ? They think the world belongs to them ?

  4. Bernardo Valor says:

    They (Microsoft/Bill Gates) they don’t think the world belongs to them… They know the world belongs to THEM.
    Visit the site of the "Rockefellers, The Rothschild’s, J.P. Morgan, The vab Duyn Dynasty, and all the others.
    They rule the world now and in the future.
    Be alert..
    I am an old man and I am afraid for the yong ones and the youths future.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks a lot, I wasn’t sure if I could just delete any or all of those files. Bad call from Microsoft to just leave those files there, temporary files should be cleaned up after they’ve done their job, not linger in your frakking root folder!

  6. tomasz1 says:

    Oh yes. These files haunt me, and they will for a couple more years. I also don’t like the hexadecimal-named folder, which some other MS product leaves behind. You should think about some system-wide "/tmp" directory, which is guaranteed to be cleaned
    on reboot, and also the installer could do some cleanup uppon successful install.

  7. roberta says:

    I hate messy hard drives!! What about mfc70.dll and mfc70u.dll each dated 01-05-2002? Thanks, so glad I found you. So much helpful info it’s kind of inspired me to get back into learning about my puters again.

  8. Keo says:

    Thank you for the info.

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