AudioCodes 420HD – Failed to validate server

AudioCodes 420HD can be a good replacement for Lync Phone Editions, at least regarding its price. However, don’t expect to have all the features that exist in the Lync Phone Editions. In addition, AudioCodes has already promised to enable Better Together over Ethernet to 420HD, 430HD and 440HD in a future firmware release. The provisioning of these phones is… Read more

Lync Server 2013: Event 1034, LS File Transfer Agent Service

Last week a customer asked me to check his Lync Server 2013. Everything was working, but there were some Event 1034, LS File Transfer Agent Service errors in the Event Viewer: Event 1034, LS File Transfer Agent Service Microsoft Lync Server 2013, File Transfer Agent service encountered an error while accessing a file share and will… Read more

Lync Phone Edition Cumulative Update List: April 2017

Following my previous posts on the Cumulative update lists for Lync Server 2010 and 2013, it was also necessary to do the same for Lync Phone Edition. We can check the phone current version in Menu->System Information: To simplify, this post includes all Lync Phone Edition versions: Polycom CX500, Polycom CX600 and Polycom CX3000 Version Cumulative… Read more

“No available Servers to connect to” when trying to view user PIN status

Recently, someone asked me if I could check his PIN. Usually, I instruct the user to change his PIN in the Dialin Web Page, but in this case, since Lync Control Panel was already open, I check the PIN Status: Request failed with error No available Servers to connect to: The only error was managing… Read more

Installing private root CA certificate on iOS devices

This isn’t related to Lync or Skype for Business, but we see people having a hard time to install root CA certificates on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad). While it’s recommended to use public certificates for Lync Mobility, sometimes we are just doing some tests to show to decision makers. Another case is a company that only… Read more

Lync Client 2013 – EWS has not fully initialized

Recently I had to troubleshoot an issue regarding EWS and Lync 2013 Client integration. In the Lync 2013 Client Configuration Information window, EWS URLs were empty and the status message was EWS has not fully initialized and MAPI Status OK. Lync 2013 Client was internal, therefore the conversations were stored in the Outlook Conversation History folder…. Read more

Polycom Group 500 integration with Lync Server 2013

So we got hands on a Polycom Group 500! This is a relative new RealPresence product from Polycom – although smaller than HDX 7000, it continues to maintain most of its features. In Group Series, Polycom dropped the support for ISDN and People On Content. As of the writing of this article, the Polycom Group Series is… Read more

Lync Phone Edition Test Device won’t update to unapproved version

Last week we were trying to update a Lync Phone Edition to 4.0.7577.4414, and the update was successfully imported as shown in the next print screen: After a factory reset, the phone was requesting the last approved version (4.0.7577.4411). In the logs we found this: 10/30/2013 10:44:24,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 05:42:45,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4397;26/06/2013 15:16:38, http://<internal FQDN>/RequestHandler/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt; https://<external FQDN>/RequestHandlerExt/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt;4.0.7577.4411;27/09/2013 22:03:02 After… Read more

Adding new SIP Domain to OCS 2007 R2

Here is a step by step tutorial how to add a new SIP Domain to OCS and then migrate all users to the new domain. One thing that we don’t need to worry about is the Users Contact Lists,  since OCS stores contacts as Unique ID, rather as SIP Address. This allow us to change… Read more

Lync 2013 Client IMWarning / Disclaimer issues with Special Characters

IMWarning is a message that is showed every time a chat windows is opened. This is a new feature on Lync Client 2013 Basic and Full, since the RTM version has a limitation to show Special Characters. In Portuguese, for instance,  “Atenção” contain the ç and ã characters which will not be correctly displayed in Lync 2013 Client. To… Read more