Missed call notification when the call is blocked by CallerIDBlock MSPL Script

After deploying the CallerIDBlock script, some users mentioned that they received a Missed Call Notification in their mailbox. During our troubleshooting process, we found out that this was happening because the priority of the CallerIDBlock was low: Get-CsServerApplication | ft -AutoSize https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg425948.aspx In this example, the CallerIDBlock has priority 12, while DefaultRouting has 8. The Missed Call Notification is generated by… Read more

SfB2015: Moving Central Management to a pool with SQL Server AlwaysOn BackEnd

In a previous post, we described how to configure AlwaysOn Availability Groups for Skype for Business Server 2015: Deploying SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group for Skype for Business Server 2015 https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uclobby/2015/05/08/deploying-sql-server-alwayson-availability-group-for-skype-for-business-server-2015/ That same post covers a green field deployment, but in this one we are going to work on a scenario where the xds and… Read more

How to update the Lync VDI 2013 Plugin

A frequent question we get is, “How do we update the Lync VDI 2013 Plugin?” The answer is quite simple: the Lync VDI 2013 Plugin uses the same update path as the Lync 2013 client. This means that all updates released for the Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015 client are also applicable to the Lync… Read more

Lync Phone Edition now supports SHA-2 certificates

In a previous post, we discussed resigning certificates with SHA-2: Certificate re-key to change signature algorithm in Lync Server (SHA-1 to SHA-2) Some users raised a concern about the SHA-2 supportability for Lync Phone Edition. This support (SHA-2) was included in the December 2015 update for Lync Phone Edition: This update for Microsoft Lync Phone… Read more

Skype for Business Server Component Version using Get-CsServerPatchVersion

The recent November 2015 Cumulative Update for Skype for Business Server 2015 added the Get-CsServerPatchVersion to the available PowerShell cmdlets. This new PowerShell cmdlet replaces the previous methods (Windows Registry and WMI Classes). To get the Skype4B Server Component Version: Skype for Business Server 2015 Component Version using PowerShell We need to make sure that… Read more

Skype4B – Your Outlook crashes when trying to organize Skype4B meeting – Click-to-Run x MSI

Are you aware about the different client versions of Skype for Business? We have 2 possible versions available in the market: Click-to-Run and MSI. Click-to-Run is the client version that is available through Office 365 Portal. This is the version that downloads Office using a streaming system and Skype for Business is part of Office. Even… Read more

Lync/SfB Server: Test-CsDatabase uses local server to determine ExpectedVersion

While doing some lab testing we notice the Test-CsDatabase uses the local server current update to verify which is the expected version. As an example, in our lab we have pool.gears.lab with January 2014 Cumulative Update and it will return the following: Test-CsDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn sql01.gears.lab | Select SqlServerFqdn, SqlInstanceName, DatabaseName, InstalledVersion, ExpectedVersion | ft -AutoSize… Read more

Hyper-V: Configure VLAN Trunk on Kemp LoadMaster

One of the Load Balancers that we have in our lab is LoadMaster from Kemp Technologies. We already published an article on how to deploy it: UC Lobby: Deploying Kemp Technologies Free LoadMaster as Lab Load Balancer/Reverse Proxy http://blogs.technet.com/b/uclobby/archive/2015/03/12/deploying-kemp-technologies-free-loadmaster-as-lab-load-balancer-reverse-proxy.aspx Why do we need to enable VLAN Trunk? The reason for this is that our lab “router”… Read more

Script: Lync/SfB Server Certificate Store Validation

In a previous post, we published the checks/validations that we should do in the Certificate Store in the Lync/Skype4B servers. Checks to do in the Lync/Skype4B Certificate Store http://blogs.technet.com/b/uclobby/archive/2015/06/19/checks-to-do-in-the-lync-skype4b-certificate-store.aspx We decided to write a PowerShell with all these checks to make it simple to use. The script will be kept in sync with the post, meaning… Read more