Lync Phone Edition Test Device won’t update to unapproved version

Last week we were trying to update a Lync Phone Edition to 4.0.7577.4414, and the update was successfully imported as shown in the next print screen: After a factory reset, the phone was requesting the last approved version (4.0.7577.4411). In the logs we found this: 10/30/2013 10:44:24,david.paulino@*****,,UCPhone,30/10/2013 05:42:45,”0004F2959F06″,”0004f2959f06″,”POLYCOM”,”CX500″,”Rev-4″,”ENU”,cpe.nbt;4.0.7577.4397;26/06/2013 15:16:38, http://<internal FQDN>/RequestHandler/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt; https://<external FQDN>/RequestHandlerExt/Files/UCPhone/POLYCOM/CX500/Rev-4/ENU/4.0.7577.4411/CPE/CPE.nbt;4.0.7577.4411;27/09/2013 22:03:02 After… Read more

Adding new SIP Domain to OCS 2007 R2

Here is a step by step tutorial how to add a new SIP Domain to OCS and then migrate all users to the new domain. One thing that we don’t need to worry about is the Users Contact Lists,  since OCS stores contacts as Unique ID, rather as SIP Address. This allow us to change… Read more

Lync 2013 Client IMWarning / Disclaimer issues with Special Characters

IMWarning is a message that is showed every time a chat windows is opened. This is a new feature on Lync Client 2013 Basic and Full, since the RTM version has a limitation to show Special Characters. In Portuguese, for instance,  “Atenção” contain the ç and ã characters which will not be correctly displayed in Lync 2013 Client. To… Read more

Difference between Open and Closed Federation in Lync Server 2010/2013

One of the features that Lync has and customers like is the ability to federate with another company. This post will focus only on Lync to Lync or Lync to OCS federation. Usually, Lync administrators don’t know if they have an open or closed federation – why is that so? Because it’s only a matter of checking… Read more

Renewing Lync Server 2010/2013 Certificates

One common thing that is asked by customers is: “How do I renew Lync Server Certificates?” If not asked, then sometimes we get a customer with certificate issues or even with Lync services off because of an error in certificates creation/renew (or even people that forget to renew the certificate). So, moving on, we decided… Read more

Lync Server 2013 Cumulative Update List: July 2018

Since we already have a Lync Server 2010 Cumulative Update List it makes sense to have the same for Lync Server 2013. We can use the Cmdlets described in Lync Server Component Version to know which version is installed. After running Lync Server Update package, not all components will be updated to the latest version – this is a normal… Read more

Lync Server 2010 Cumulative Update List: April 2016

In a previous article we discussed how to check Lync Server Component Version. After checking the versions, a good thing is a table to verify what Cumulative Update were installed in the server. We can use the Lync Server Core Component as reference, since this component is always updated. When we update Lync Server, not all components… Read more

Lync Server Component Version using PowerShell (WMI Classes)

Every Lync Server administrator must have this Cmdlet, which shows each Lync Server 2010/2013 Component’s version: Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Product | where {$ -like “*Lync Server*”} | Sort-Object Name | Select Name, Version |ft -AutoSize The result will be like this: Or in Lync Server 2010: To save the result in a file just add “>>… Read more

The Office Communications Server Front-End service terminated with service-specific error 2147975170 (0x80078002)

Sometimes you get Front End Services to stop unexpectedly and in the event error you receive the message:  “The Office Communications Server Front-End service terminated with service-specific error 2147975170 (0x80078002)”. This is a rare event, but it might occur in scenarios when the Archiving Setting “Shutdown if archiving fails” is enabled or something happens to… Read more

Configuring ARR for Lync Server

Sometime ago we got into a situation where a customer deployed ARR as a Reverse Proxy for Lync Server. This was new to us. We found some articles on the Internet showing how to configure it, but none of them were clear enough. We wanted to understand this better, so we configured ARR from zero… Read more