Lync Server 2010 Cumulative Update List: April 2016

In a previous article we discussed how to check Lync Server Component Version. After checking the versions, a good thing is a table to verify what Cumulative Update were installed in the server. We can use the Lync Server Core Component as reference, since this component is always updated.

When we update Lync Server, not all components will be updated to the latest version – this is a normal behavior. After running the update, we can run again the update package to check if all components were successfully updated.

In the following link you can get the latest update:

Updates for Lync Server 2010

Download the latest Cumulative Update for Lync Server 2010

Finally, here is a list of all cumulative updates released for Lync Server 2010:

Version Cumulative Update KB Article
4.0.7577.728 April 2016
4.0.7577.713 May 2015
4.0.7577.710 February 2015
4.0.7577.230 April 2014
4.0.7577.225 January 2014
4.0.7577.223 October 2013
4.0.7577.217 July 2013
4.0.7577.216 March 2013
4.0.7577.203 October 2012
4.0.7577.199 June 2012
4.0.7577.190 February 2012
4.0.7577.183 November 2011
4.0.7577.166 July 2011
4.0.7577.137 April 2011
4.0.7577.108 January 2011
4.0.7577.0 RTM NA