Exchange Server Earning Leadership Everyday

Over the past year, with a myriad of vendors jumping into the business email market, I have been asked by press and customers how Exchange grew to its current leadership position and how we have continued to earn this position over time.  The history of Exchange is an interesting journey with ups and downs, but…


VoiceCon This Year

My colleague BJ Haberkorn wrote a really nice blog post about looking forward to VoiceCon Orlando 2010. I wanted to share it with you all since it captures all the things that has kept our team busy from keynotes – event – case studies – virtual launches – strategic initiatives – and all the news and reviews….

Part 4 of 5 – With Keith Kabza and Blain Barton – Discussing Exchange 2010 and OCS 2007 R2 PIC Federation and the new XMPP Gateway – It IS Everybody’s Business!

Here’s Part 4 of 5, Keith does a great job of explaining how Office Communicator, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL unified communications can all share presence within the applications using Federation. Check it out –

Beyond the Clouds

Like many other people, I’ve been following some of the recent discussions and debates about what is often called “Cloud Computing”. Since this term has been applied to many scenarios, from using special-purpose web sites to publishing custom-written applications to hosted, virtualized computing resources,  I’ll restrict myself here to talking about “The Cloud” as the…